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Golf cars are divided in two main application types, passenger transportation and material handling.
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Again this year Grand Italia remains open throughout the summer period...
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If you have never driven a golf car and would like to experience its performances, come and visit us.
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The rear structures of golf cars are able to transport up to 400 kg. weight of material.
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On all golf cars we install Trojan batteries, which guarantee the best performance in the market.

Golf cars Grand Italia

The production of golf car and electric vehicles Grand since many years is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and the certifications were issued by International authoritative Institutes as UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and others members of IAF and IQNET. All street legal vehicles are supplied complete with European certificate of conformity for registration.

Among main components used for producing golf cars and Grand vehicles you may find: Trojan batteries, which guarantee long lasting performances and a long term life durability up to one thousand 1.000 recharges.
CURTIS controller, world leading company in the field of advanced electric motors controllers, gives to our golf cars the great options of setting down the desired driving performances, as speed control, acceleration, brake strength. This means we will customize your vehicle exactly to your field driving requests and needs, finding no obstacle at all in any driving condition. And this is more than you ever expected.

The powerful motors 4Kw., 5,3Kw. and 7Kw. will assure the required horses power as per your needs, and your thoughts about what you can do with a golf car may leave their way to your fantasy. Driving distance from 8 up to 10 hours with special batteries for golf cars.
Another important innovation is regarding the independent suspension system of golf cars and electric vehicles, exclusive among these products. This system will assure a unique driving comfort up and down hills and in bad terrain conditions. Your feeling of drive has changed with Grand golf cars.
Reinforced chassis and EPOXI painting are other aspects of the care we take for details, quality and durability of golf cars. In high salt or humidity percentage environments such like beaches, marinas and ports they will make the difference.
Golf car, Golfcar, Golf cars, Golfcars, Veicoli elettrici

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