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Golf Cars Rent

We hire golf cars and electric vehicles for a minimum period of 12 months (long term rental). Despite this, you may write and send an e-mail request to us indicating the area of your location and we will provide indication of the nearest company our partner to your door, in order that you will be able to rent your golf car or your golf cars if more than one, also for shorter periods. New golf carts are available or second-hand electric vehicles, street legal golf cars approved for street use or traditional off road use golf car.
Through synergies with our partners we may offer the most complete range of spare parts for golf cars and electric vehicles and we may provide parts for any brand of golf car.

Refurbished golf cars

Our main activity is dedicated to the production of new golf cars. However, through our network of dealers both in Italy and abroad, we may give indication and provide different models of refurbished golf cars if your decision is to buy a second hand vehicle and refurbished golf car. Please kindly send us an e-mail request specifying the characteristics of the golf car of your desire with most detailed specifications as you may, with reference to the desired model, condition of the vehicle, any additional accessory that you wish for the golf car of your desire. The more accuracy in the information that you will provide us in relation to your needs, the shorten time of response to your request will result, as that will shorten our research among the models of golf cars available.

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