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Please consult this short section to know the answers to the six most frequently asked questions about golf cars. You may find all detailed technical specifications of golf cars in the technical data sheet of each product present in the section dedicated to specific models. For any additional information regarding golf cars we are always available.
Average it lasts eight hours of run. In fact, when golf cars are used continuously during the day, one charge usually lasts a full day of work and provides the user the ability to work and operate throughout the whole day without having to worry about any need of recharging the batteries of the golf car.
The recharge is done through a standard plug and wall socket 110-220V. The charger can work under international voltage range. There is no need of special sockets or plugs. We provide all what is necessary.
Yes indeed, golf cars are very powerful electric vehicles that can run up and down steep climbs and work constantly in an environment with strong up and down slopes. When the environment where the golf car is driven is very particular and presents extreme conditions, then is very useful to advise it so that is possible to make a technical evaluation on the place of the nature and quantity of Ampere absorptions during running phase which then accurately determines the optimal related configuration of engine and controller settings of the functions of the golf car for that type of use.
Depending on the type of contract of the user, one recharge has a variable cost between 0.50 and 0.80 cents of euro. This estimate is based on the assumption that the golf car batteries are fully discharged, in the event that they are only partially discharged, then the cost will be less proportionally.
Yes, for sure, the tires that are used on golf cars are composed of a specially made mixture for the use of the same in promiscuous areas, thus signifying that have been designed and thus perfectly suitable to travel paved roads as well as dirt and slip terrain of all types. The compound is very resistant, in particular the type which is used in the production of golf cars Grand Italia, with six canvases and not four (which is usually the standard) ensures many years of life and it is rare that shows up need of replace the tires even after several years of use. In any case, the grip is outstanding and if you do not try to overcome the quicksand, for the rest you may drive wherever you like.
Golf cars models have variable costs starting from 7.882.00 € + Vat in case of two passengers basic models, up to € 14.980.00 + VAT in case of models for transporting eight and more passengers and with engines configurations with higher powers and AC system. These values are approximate, may vary in cases of special arrangements and particular commitments, may also vary due to different configurations of engines and associated control systems. These differences do not change the order of magnitude provided. It may happen that prices of golf cars vary during the year due to happenings related to common market reasons, just as for example fluctuations in costs of raw materials. Grand Italia may apply promotions on the sale of golf cars at any time.
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