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In Italy and in all foreign countries, in each national and international province, our customers will count on a fast, professional and long lasting support for their golf cars. Grand Italia Golf & Utility Cars provides its customers with an efficient after-sales assistance all over the world (our sales staff will give you all the information about the nearest assistance point to your location).

The complete range of spare parts and accessories are always ready under “just in time” management for perfect service in any golf car spare parts need. The vehicles we produce are equipped with high quality components so that there is no need of repairing or doing any particular maintenance during at least the first two years of life, under a proper use of the golf cars.

Functioning characteristics remain the same as for example include the important safety condition of never fully over discharge the batteries of your golf car in order to guarantee their expected durability. More information regarding proper use conditions are well indicated in the Manual of Use and Maintenance provided along with the golf car. We recommend to use only Grand Golf Car spare-parts in order to assure the correct functioning of all vehicles and keep the guarantee valid during its period of life. Any repair or maintenance should be done only by qualified personal. For any assistance request, feel free to contact us at:

We kindly invite you firstly to write an e-mail to enable us to follow up in an organized way your request. By phone it would be very difficult to answer at glance without first consulting the Manuals and reference codes of the parts of golf cars you are looking for. This will save your time and ours, and will save our costs. Your request will be always treated as top urgent and you will receive an answer within 24 hours maximum from the receipt of your request.

After knowing your assistance need on golf car, we will be very glad to talk and assist you by phone, at our factory or at your location, in order to carry forward our cooperation. Thank you very much.

Please always indicate the brand, if is not our, of the golf car you require assistance for. There are different brands of golf cars and each one has it’s own different spare parts. If you are not able to find out the brand of your golf car, please take a picture and send an image of it to us and we will tell which is. Looking forward to serve you and your golf cars at best.
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