Golf car - Accessories and optionals


  • On board computer OBC
  • On board charger
  • Full whether enclosure for all models
  • Front and rear lights kit
  • Directions and horn
  • Central and side mirrors
  • Towing hook
  • Rear cargo box standard dimensions 1000 x 800 x 300 mm.3
  • Rear cargo box with dumping kit manual or electric
  • Trailer dim. 1370 x 1140 x 600 mm.3 loading capacity 400 kg.
  • Heavy duty front bumper
  • Hitch (with support)
  • Alloy rims
  • Security belts
  • Rear bags protector
  • Ice box
  • Cleaning balls kit
  • Foldable windshield
  • Heater
  • Stereo
  • Customized paintings
  • Customized seat covers
  • Logos, serial numbers and customized designs
  • Towing package
  • Pickers kit

Accessories and optionals

Many accessories for golf cars are available to fulfill any need. If the list does not contain what you are looking for, we will produce it especially for you with pleasure. All golf cars are provided standard with front and rear lights, on board battery chargers, windshield, so that most of the main equipment are already included in the golf car. However some accessories such as weather enclosure or seat belts, could become useful during many occasions and we are happy to provide them if desired along with the purchase of your golf cars. Since last year, a new optional stands out the wide equipment of golf cars Grand Italia, the multifunctional odometer standard on all models, with indication of the state of the battery charge with 10 multicolored notches providing a high accuracy in the reading, indication of the speed and the amperage absorbed during driving, in addition to the classic LED indicators for lights, turning signals and driven mileages.
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